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Swiss Truck GmbH
CH-3274 Merzligen

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About Us

Since 2000, has been the leading Swiss online marketplace for commercial vehicles. We have an average of 270,000 visitors (3,900,000 page views) per month from over 100 countries. The majority of these come from Switzerland thus ensuring a high level of domestic customer quality, and our international visitors provide an optimal customer mix. - where supply meets demand!

Buyers and enthusiasts find it easy to search for offers with our specific criteria for commercial vehicles, municipal vehicles, construction machinery, forklifts, machinery, equipment, spare parts and accessories.

Sellers and suppliers have had great success with for over 20 years thanks to our ever-growing profile, our presence at national trade fairs and events plus notable partnerships. Simply enter the relevant information and ensure that your offer is quickly placed; in just 3 minutes with the app.
We offer a complete package to sellers including additional services to display the advertisements on your own website, interfaces for other software, online advertising options, etc. Sell more commercial vehicles, equipment and machinery! – we’re here for you!

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