The following prices (plus VAT) and the following periods apply for companies and private individuals in Switzerland and Liechtenstein wanting to sell their commercial vehicle by advertising on www.swisstruck.ch.

Advertisement for 30 days CHF 89.00
Advertisement for 60 days CHF 119.00
Advertisement for 90 days CHF 149.00

Advertising contract (Subscription)

Advertising contract offers direct access to a personal data account where you can administrate (enter/delete) vehicles. The whole system is easy to use and it takes very little time to enter vehicles and even less to delete sold vehicles. You can make changes to vehicle data at any time without spending much time. Each vehicle is published under the name and address of the owner and linked with their e-mail address. Companies in various locations have to have a Advertising contract facility for each business.

Advertising contract enables you to publish details of up to 100 commercial vehicles on the website www.swisstruck.ch for the duration of the contract and always at the same price. Apart from the annual advertising fee, there are no other costs! (Minimum duration 12 months)

Advertising contract monthly plus VAT CHF 79.00
- enables to publish 100 vehicles including
- 16 pictures for each advertisement including
- Print vehicle list including
- Print vehicle page including
- Publish companylogo including
- Database link connecting to a company website including

If you want to advertise your commercial vehicles with a dealeraccess, please click here. We look forward to getting to know you (only for companies and private individuals in Switzerland and Liechtenstein).

Advertising on swisstruck.ch

swisstruck.ch offers you many different online forms of advertising. Take advantage of our range and success. Advertise at a good price in a place where you can make contact with your target group.

Top banner - the advertising space at the top of a web page.

Format: 200x60 Pixel
File format: JPEG, GIF, PNG

Price in CHF plus VAT                          CHF 300.00 / month

Premium banner - the small but attractive advertising space.

Format: 130x35 Pixel
File format: JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, PNG

Price in CHF plus VAT                          CHF 150.00 / month

Buttonpool - advertise during a detailed search

Format: 120x90 Pixel
File format: JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, PNG

Price in CHF plus VAT                          CHF 200.00 / month

Skyscraper - the advertisement that is bound to be seen

Format: 160x600 Pixel
File format: JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, PNG

Price in CHF plus VAT                          CHF 225.00 / month


Set-up costs for placing advertisement plus VAT   CHF 80.00

Banner production costs

You don't have a banner? - No problem: our web designers will be only too pleased to design a banner according to your wishes and offer you appropriate advice.

Cost of banner creation plus VAT from    CHF 150.00

Contact information

Reto Brommecker
Swiss Truck GmbH

T +41 32 396 39 79

E info@swisstruck.ch

Dealer and industry addresses

The industry index offers a directory of dealers, vehicle builders and accessory suppliers in the commercial vehicle sector in Switzerland. An entry per section costs a one-off fee of CHF 100.00 plus VAT. In the event of subsequent changes of address, telephone number, etc., we charge CHF 25.00 plus VAT per section as a contribution to costs.

The insertion of company logos costs CHF 15.00 per month plus VAT.

If you would like an entry in one of our sections, please get in touch with us.

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